Passivhaus - more comfort, less energy

Worked on projects between 2010 and 2023; helping clients design and construct buildings to meet the Passivhaus standard.


Illustration by Martina Feirer

A Passive House is wrapped up very warmly and tightly so that only a little heat gets lost in the winter. The sun shining through the windows and the heat created by cooking, bathing and electronic devices provide almost all it takes to heat it.
Inspired by the children's book "We are building a Passive House" by Martina Feirer & Alexandra Frankel



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Graham Drummond
Director, Drummond Projects Limited

• civil engineer with over 45 years’ experience in the construction and property sectors
• early adopter of Passivhaus in Scotland (2010)
• self-builder and Passivhaus consultant
• completed a self-build family home in St Andrews designed and built to Passivhaus standards and home to Graham, wife Fiona and their disabled adult son Robbie