passive house consultancy work for Sustainable Dunblane

This project involved on site surveys and energy performance analyses for 18 "hard to treat" houses and 3 community buildings in Dunblane.

A "hard to treat" building is one where it is difficult to improve energy efficiency at a reasonable cost. 



Passivhaus Associates were part of a professional team appointed by Sustainable Dunblane to undertake a project to survey and prepare energy models for selected properties in order to then evaluate and give guidance to improving the energy efficiency of all of the 1400 "hard to treat" houses in the Dunblane Community Council area.

This project was funded by the Scottish Government's Climate Challenge Fund

Sustainable Dunblane is a local community initiative run by volunteers and its objective is to generally improve the sustainability of the city. The aim of the Energy Group is to work on both reducing the amount of energy used in Dunblane and increasing the amount of self generated energy.

Our work involved detailed site surveys and subsequent energy modelling of each property using PHPP, the passive house planning package. A range of energy improvement measures for each property were also analysed.

Summary project reports were sent to all owners of "hard to treat" houses and a more in depth research paper prepared.